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Year End Investment


As the season of giving and gifts approaches, Detail Mold is unwrapping our first Makino Wire EDM machine. December 8th our new U53J with all the bells and whistles arrived. We have all been anxiously watching as the Makino Tech carefully assembles this new beauty and prepares to give us a crash course. While we were waiting, we got a visit from the local Makino team who came bearing gifts of fine Texas BBQ and a shiny new Makino Banner to adorn our shop. Right after the first of the year we will begin our in-depth training into the many cost saving and efficient features built into this top of the line wire machine. The whole team here at Detail Mold is excited to see the advertised precision and 30% wire usage reduction as we gear up for new production jobs and more light out running time. We would like to give special thanks to Makino for coming down to celebrate and to God for blessing us with the ability to purchase this machine. Give us a call or come stop by to see this new machine in action. Better yet, send us a PO and we will send you your very own piece of Detail mold history, cut right here on our new machine.